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Optimizing Salesforce operations with WordMate's Generative AI technology.
Maximize CRM Performance

Boost Salesforce with an AI-powered solutions!

With WordMate, teams can quickly and safely summarize long conversations, generate customer replies, ensure the right tone and phrasing, or even write full articles with just shorthand or bullet points.
Simplify customer messages.

Quickly and effectively condense long customer communications for a seamless handover between team members.

Automatically generate replies.

Let WordMate do the talking! Simply bullet-point your message, and watch as our AI crafts the perfect reply.

Adjust tone and rephrase.

Instantly adjust the tone of your customer conversations to be more formal or casual, and rephrase content as needed.

Write long articles.

Write full Help Center articles in a fraction of the time. No more spending hours writing, editing, and publishing articles.


Incorporate WordMate components.

WordMate offers multiple components to enhance your Lightning Page design with the latest features and innovations for a more efficient and user-friendly experience. With WordMate and Lightning App Builder, making updates or changes to your application is easy and hassle-free. In just a few clicks, you can customize a Generative AI solution tailored to your business needs.

Lightning App Builder

Experience Generative AI safely.

We use standard sharing model and access control tools to simplify the management of data access and permissions, ensuring simple and secure experience.

Access Management

Unlock the power of effective writing with WordMate in Salesforce. Say goodbye to tedious writing and hello to effortless, professional content creation for all your business needs.

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